How to Use E-Cards in Children’s Ministry

shutterstock_79255519What better ways to use e-cards than in children’s ministry to teach kids about caring for others! Most of us can remember getting a card in the mail as a child. It was so exciting to see a card addressed just to you. Someone took the time and effort to show they cared.

Both kids and adults still enjoy receiving cards. With the many free e-card web sites it is easy to incorporate this as a regular activity in your children’s ministry. A little direction from the teacher is all kids need. I have used this activity as a class opener and class closer. We sent the card from the whole class and included everyone’s name that was present on the signature line.

I have also used this digital activity to teach

  • Encouragement (helping others face difficult challenges or hardship)
  • Kindness (treating others with love and compassion)
  • Pleasing God (doing things according to God’s will)

Free Christian E-card Web Sites

There are several free Christian e-card web sites. One of my favorites is It has several kid collections including Really Wooly Kids, Bible Tales, Just for Kids, and U-Neeks. Registration is not required but I recommend you register since Dayspring gives you access to a free address book. It makes it much easier to store email addresses.

Other free Christian e-card web sites with kid-friendly cards are and

How to Collect E-Mail Addresses

  • Get them from your church directory
  • Ask new kids for their e-mail address or their parent for their email address. I have all kids complete an “About Me” sheet.
  • Have your kids go on an “email drive” to collect email addresses of all church members.

Occasions to Send Cards

  • welcome kids to class
  • kids absent from class
  • sickness
  • pastor or church worker appreciation
  • sympathy
  • just because

The few minutes it takes for your kids to send an e-card may brighten someone’s day and make an eternal difference. Of course, it is also one way to teach kids to show they care about others.

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