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kidsandcomputerDo you want to learn more about integrating technology into your elementary Sunday School classroom or children’s ministry program? If so, my Techie Church Kids blog is for you.  My specialty is educational technology integration and I love spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. See my credentials on my About page.

Why have I dedicated myself to writing this blog? I know that kids love technology. What better way to reach a kid for Christ than through a medium they love?  We have to reach kids while they are young. I know you have heard this many times, but our youth are the church of tomorrow. We have to invest in reaching them for Christ in ways they can understand.

I discovered that there is very little content on the web in relation to using technology in the Sunday School classroom. In fact if you do a Google search on “technology and education and church”, you might get a few results on using technology in a church environment.  Most results revolve around using technology in the worship service but not in the classroom. I’m here to attempt to fill that void. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and learning new ideas from others.

Let’s reach kids for Christ through technology! They are digital natives. They are not afraid of technology and neither should we be afraid of technology. Keep an open mind. Be willing to change your classroom environment even if it’s just one step at a time. I will do lots of the work for you—providing easy step-by-step tutorials and suggestions. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you begin to use some of these in your classroom. Your Sunday school kids may begin arriving early for class instead of 15 minutes late.

If we are going to impact this world for Jesus Christ, we have to give our best as Sunday School teachers. If your church doesn’t offer the training you need, train yourself. Be willing to change what you are currently doing. Change is hard but I’ll share lots of free resources that you can easily incorporate next Sunday morning.

You may be thinking, “I don’t even have internet access in my church and the leaders of my church would never consider providing it.” I used to think the same thing. In a future blog post I will share my story about how I successfully encouraged the leaders in my small church in southern Kentucky to provide wireless internet access to my classroom.

You need a solid plan before you approach leaders who may be hesitant to join the digital world. There are legitimate dangers, and as their Sunday School teacher, you are responsible for the safety of the children under your direction. If properly monitored, the advantages of using the internet in the classroom far outweigh the dangers!

Question for My Readers

Do you believe it is possible to reach kids for Christ by integrating technology into Sunday School? Why do you believe this?


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